​10 reasons to Follow the Money saved with an ethical bank

By Oct 01, 2015

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In support of Good Money Week Charity Bank is hosting a two-week Follow the Money programme. From 19th to 28th October, 15 of Charity Bank’s borrowers across the UK will be opening their doors to the public. Here’s why it’s worth signing up.

1. You’ll end up off the beaten track, the best place to learn something new

This isn’t your typical event.There won’t be long speeches or a formal venue, instead you sign up for a visit to a charity or social enterprise where you’ll get the chance to learn about what they do.

2. You’ll be inspired by people creating change

On the Follow the Money visits you'll meet some brilliant individuals who are achieving extraordinary things. Their goals include creating opportunity for people facing poverty, giving support to women recovering from domestic abuse, and providing the means for people to put homelessness behind them.

3. You’ll see a world where compassion and empathy rule

Following the Money in an ethical bank is a chance to discover more about a world of activity driven by compassion and empathy. Perhaps you’re considering working in the charity sector, maybe you’re interested in connecting your business with social & environmental issues, or maybe you’re just curious to meet people from different walks of life.


EVA Women's Aid, a host on the Follow the Money tour, opened the first safe house in the UK for women over 45

4. It’s free!

All events are free and friends and family are welcome.

5. You’ll see how banks could do better

When money enters the banking system it sets off for diverse locations across the globe, to support businesses and industries, some positive others destructive. Its most unsavoury destinations are well documented: the arms trade, gambling, tobacco, industries where workers are exploited or environments damaged… You get the picture. See where money goes when it has a moral compass.

6. You’ll get a close up of how savings can be used to create social impact

Charity Bank lends the money its savers entrust to it to charities and social enterprises. Each event is an opportunity to learn about what diverse organisations are doing to address social issues. You will get a chance to talk to the people running charities, social enterprises and community organisations, as well as those they support.

7. You’ll see how your business could help create positive change

Businesses are increasingly thinking in terms of the social and environmental value they can create. If your business is considering creating a social impact with your reserves, Follow the Money is a chance to meet the people you would be supporting by opening an ethical savings account.


A companion (as Emmaus communities call formerly homeless people) smiles at diners in the Emmaus Village Carlton bistro.

8. You’ll discover how loans are working for charities

If you run a charity or social enterprise yourself, you'll meet like-minded individuals facing similar challenges and putting repayable finance to use. So you’ll be able to see how borrowing as a charity works in practice.

9. You’ll learn about how an ethical bank works

For ethical banks, a focus on financial return alone is a short-sighted and inadequate means of building a more sustainable world, a world with less poverty, injustice, war, widespread diseases, educational inequalities, destruction of nature and the planet. The alternative is an approach to banking based on the triple bottom line, looking after people, planet and profit. The Follow the Money visits are an exciting way to learn about Charity Bank’s approach.

10. Join the good money movement

Last but not least, Follow the Money is an opportunity to get involved with the Good Money movement. If you think banks should do better, if you believe banks should only work for good, come and follow the money with us!

Interested in coming along? Find out where the events are taking place and sign up here.

We’re buzzing about the event and sharing our excitement on Twitter with the hashtag #followthemoney

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Who cares for carers? These folks. Come in! Eoin Caughey & Sinéad Canniff of Newry & Mourne carers are opening their doors for Follow the Money.