A first stop for people facing homelessnes

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​Tracy Freeman, chief executive, of First Stop Darlington explains how a loan is helping her centre, which supports people facing homelessness, to save £10,000 a year.

"We give one-to-one support, guidance and advice to people with a range of needs who find themselves homeless. We help them find accommodation, deal with the threat of eviction, help address any underlying issues that have resulted in this crisis, and help improve their employment prospects.

When we wanted to buy a new property to reduce our outgoings, Charity Bank stepped in. The loan from Charity Bank was easy to set up and we received good support from them throughout the process. We are now saving around £10,000 a year that we would have been spending on rent and other operating costs. We can now look forward to increasing the services we offer and helping more people in the future."

Tracy Freeman, chief executive, First Stop Darlington


An open door for people facing homelessness, First Stop Darlington