Charity Bank top in index of ethical banks for the eleventh successive year

By Oct 17, 2018

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For the eleventh year running Charity Bank has been awarded the top spot in the index of ethical banks and building societies, according to research carried out by The Ethical Company Organisation in 2017 and 2018.

Ecology Building Society and Triodos Bank follow in second and third place, whilst many high street banks feature in the least ethical league table.

The Ethical Company Organisation’s researchers monitor the ethics of companies across a wide range of sectors from banking to travel and set a benchmark for corporate behaviour. Banks and building societies are rated on their social and environmental performance. The results, which are published on The Good Shopping Guide, are equated in league tables to help people make informed decisions about which brands are best for the planet.

William Sankey, Research and Editorial Director of The Ethical Company Organisation, says: “We would like to congratulate Charity Bank for being re-awarded Ethical Accreditation through our organisation. Charity Bank has attained continuous accreditation for the last eleven years. In that time, Charity Bank has consistently received a high-ranking Ethical Company Index (ECI) score of 100, which reflects the core values of a bank which puts people and planet first. Charity Bank is one of only 18 companies to achieve an ECI score of 100 within our published research on The Good Shopping Guide, for which they should be commended."

Edward Siegel, Chief Executive of Charity Bank, says: “We’re immensely proud to be awarded the top spot in The Good Shopping Guide index of ethical banks for the eleventh successive year. Charity Bank stands shoulder to shoulder with our borrowers, helping them to grow and to improve the lives of the people they aim to support. Our experienced staff are drawn to Charity Bank because they want to apply their skills to bring about better banking for a better world. We aim to give each customer a personal service, tailoring every loan to the organisation’s needs and giving charities and social enterprises the flexibility and security they need to make an even bigger impact."

Charity Bank is also ranked top in the Ethical Consumer index for having the most ethical savings accounts - read more.

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