Charity Bank's 2018 Impact Awards Winners Revealed

By Jun 27, 2018

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Our annual reception and awards ceremony celebrated the remarkable work and dedication of many exceptional individuals, charities and social sector organisations.

Charity Bank’s Chief Executive Patrick Crawford and Chairman George Blunden welcomed guests to our 2018 Impact Awards held at Resource for London last night.

With a few introductory words, Patrick spoke about Charity Bank’s mission and social sector ownership.

“Charity Bank is dedicated to and solely owned by, charities and social sector organisations.

“Our goal is to use loan finance to support social sector organisations and help them make a bigger difference”

Unsung heroes

Patrick went on to say that the Impact Awards were an opportunity to honour what our borrowers do and to celebrate all those working in the social sector.

“Staff and volunteers of all our borrowers do extraordinary things, unsung heroes in our communities. Our mission is to support the mission of organisations we serve and help them to do even more.”

Patrick Crawford

Patrick also thanked the individuals and organisation that save with Charity Bank, explaining that when you join Charity Bank, you’re also joining with the charities and social enterprises we support.


There were two award categories: Change Maker of the Year Award and the Community Impact Award.

Although there could only be one winner for each award, Patrick stressed that all the shortlisted nominees make an exceptional difference across the UK and that Charity Bank is immensely proud to be associated with each one.

Community Impact Award

This category recognises organisations that have had significant impact on the community they serve. From amongst a wealth of possibilities, six organisations were shortlisted for their inspiring work. These were: Green Energy Mull, Gwesty Seren, The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, Lyvennet Community Trust and Young Women’s Housing Project.

The winner of the Community Impact Award was Action Homeless.

Founded in 1973, Action Homeless has continued to grow and develop over the past 45 years, tackling the ongoing problem of homelessness around the Leicester area.

As well as providing crisis accommodation and other wide-reaching services such as food banks, telephone support services and social enterprise employment opportunities, the charity is committed to improving the lives of those affected by homelessness in both the long and short term.

Moving one step closer to its goal of breaking the cycle of homelessness, it has also begun providing long-term housing in properties it purchased and redeveloped with help from a Charity Bank loan.

Before the award was presented the following film was shown. It shows the impressive and growing impact Action Homeless has on those struggling with homelessness around the Leicester area.

Accepting the award on behalf of the charity, CEO Mark Grant said: “We’re so proud to receive this award recognising the positive impact we have on the Leicester community.

“Action Homeless is the main charity working in the area supporting homeless people and our team of staff and volunteers works tirelessly to improve the situation around homelessness. This award is a very welcome tribute to their energy, dedication and care, and will also act as inspiration to continue to be there for those that need us most.”

Change Maker of the Year Award

The Change Maker of the Year Award recognises individuals who have dedicated their time, vision and care to help build and grow the impact of a social organisation. Four extraordinary people were shortlisted, these were Tessa Stickler from Folkestone Sports Centre Trust, and Vanessa Waddon from Hope Rescue.

The winner of the Change Maker of the Year Award was Tim Morfin, Founder and CEO of the children’s charity TLG (Transforming Lives for Good).

Under Tim’s inspirational leadership, TLG has grown over the last 20 years from a small church project in Bradford to a national charity supporting struggling children across the UK. TLG now works with over 200 churches and over 800 volunteers supporting thousands of children and families.

The following film was played showing the incredible work of TLG and Tim’s leadership, vision, and passion that have been key factors in the organisation’s development.

On accepting the award, Tim Morfin said: “This award means a great deal to me and is representative of the time and dedication of every single person involved with TLG. I’m grateful to Charity Bank for recognising the work we do and for the key role it has played in the development of TLG, partnering with us almost since the beginning and growing its investment in us as we have grown.”

TLG has been working with Charity Bank for 16 years and Tim was keen to share details of the role Charity Bank has played.

Thank you to Patrick

This year’s award ceremony was especially poignant as it marks the end of Patrick Crawford’s time with Charity Bank who retires at the end of this week.

Chairman George Blunden took the opportunity to thank Patrick for his leadership, under which Charity Bank has provided loans and support to hundreds of charities and social enterprises, touching the lives of more than one million people from across the UK.

Welcome to Ed

Patrick will be succeeded by Edward Siegel who joins us from Big Issue Invest (BII), the social investment arm of The Big Issue Group, where he has been Managing Director since 2008.

The evening came to a close with a toast from Chairman George Blunden: “to the winners this evening and to all our borrowers who work tirelessly helping the disadvantaged, enriching lives and making our communities better places.”

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