Ethical 1-Year Charity Account: Cancer Connections

Apr 04, 2019

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Cancer Connections aims to support other healthcare organisations whenever it can. So when the South Tyneside charity started looking for a safe home for its savings, Charity Bank was the obvious choice, as treasurer Jonathan Carroll explains.

“Cancer Connections was launched in 2006. There was a lack of support for cancer patients in South Tyneside at the time so a real need for what we offer. Patients and their family members can turn to us for support and advice. We have an open-door policy; people can pop in whenever they need to. We offer counselling, bereavement services, complementary therapies and advice about welfare. Sometimes it’s just about being here with a cup of tea when someone needs to talk.

“We had a bit of money and wanted to find a ‘good’ bank to invest with. It needed to be well-established, with solid ethics. The rate was also important as we’re investing other people’s money. We looked at a few ethical banks and Charity Bank was offering the best return. I’m an accountant and knew that Charity Bank had a strong reputation. Since joining the bank, I’ve also discovered that they offer very good customer service.


Jonathan Carroll, treasurer at Charity Bank depositor Cancer Connections

“South Tyneside isn’t an affluent place, so we tend to work with local businesses usually. Although the people of South Tyneside support national charities, they like to keep the money in the area and are wonderfully generous for Cancer Connections. We pay our staff well above minimum wage. We do not duplicate any services that are already available elsewhere and refer people to them when that is more appropriate.”

“We really liked the fact that Charity Bank helps to support charities. So many smaller organisations struggle for funding now. Actually, with the current economic situation, even national charities are struggling. It’s vital that there’s a source of funds that charities can turn to when they need to. Charity Bank offers that, so by saving with them, it feels like we’re giving something extra back to communities.”

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