#CharityIs a way of building a better world

Mar 15, 2016

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Vicky Browning, the Director of CharityComms, looks at the problems and possibilities of charity today

We live in an imperfect world, an unfair world; a world of problems in need of answers. We also live in a world of hope, inspiration and uplifting possibilities.

There are negative things we can’t accept and have to act upon. There are positive things we want to see that won’t happen without us acting. People care enough about the need for a better world to want to improve and enrich it, and to make these things happen, for now and for future generations.

People have always helped one another, and got together to do things they can’t do on their own. Charities are the vehicles people choose to do that. People with a vision and commitment come together to make things better for others and society at large.

Change happens by using our collective voice to raise awareness of issues and campaigning to change behaviour and society. And change happens by using our time and money directly to deliver services and activities that people experience and benefit from directly.

“We have already changed the world for the better in many ways. But there is still so much to do.”

Vicky Browning

Charities harness and organise the voice, time, skills and money given voluntarily by many, and combine it with the professional expertise of others, to make the greatest and most effective impact.

In recent months, public disquiet about the behaviour, size and admin costs/salaries of some charities has focused attention on charities as institutions and how they work, rather than their role in society and the benefit they provide.

There's a growing risk of people becoming detached from the idea of charity (the needs and causes) because of disenchantment with charities (the institutions).

Charities can help us achieve the change we hope for. People give their time, voice and money freely. Not for selfish gain. Charity is about decency, doing the right thing. Charities reflect that in the way they work, doing the right thing by beneficiary groups, public supporters and staff alike. Charities are the mechanisms through which people can express their concern and will to create a better world.

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