#CharityIs campaign results

By Mar 23, 2016

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On Monday 14th March, we launched the #CharityIs campaign. We wanted to highlight the amazing work done by charities around the UK by asking people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine to share what charity meant to them.

Our aim was to get #CharityIs trending, encouraging people across the country to share the positive difference that charities make to their communities.

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Infographic by Lightful

As of Monday 21st March:

  • There have been 7,926 #CharityIs tweets
  • Almost 3,380 Twitter users have participated in the campaign, sharing their own posts or retweeting messages
  • There were 52 million timeline deliveries of #CharityIs messages, representing the total possible number of times someone could have viewed the message
  • Potentially over 18 million people saw a #CharityIs message

These statistics are staggering, but they're only part of the story. To truly gauge the importance of what #CharityIs to people, you have to look at the inspiring posts themselves. The impact of this campaign has been felt across the sector, as charities, employees, volunteers and the people they work with seized the chance to speak out about the positive work they witness every day.

"#CharityIs about making sure the world tomorrow is a little better than it was yesterday."

Paul White, Fauna & Flora International

For the first day of the campaign, over 300 users signed up to the #CharityIs Thunderclap, which enables multiple accounts to share a message at the same time. At 10am, the Thunderclap went live, flooding Twitter with #CharityIs posts. By 11:30am #CharityIs was trending across the UK, peaking in fourth position (ahead of Top Gear!).

On Tuesday, the campaign was picked up by Civil Society. The article quoted Mind's Chief Executive, Paul Farmer, as saying the campaign marked a "significant moment" for the sector. The momentum continued throughout the seven-day celebration as word of #CharityIs spread and more and more people saw the posts.

"Small charities are the lifeblood of our community and they are everywhere."

Debra Allcock Tyler, Directory for Social Change

The messages shared show the intensely personal and yet universal meanings of charity. We've been reminded that charities run our parks, theatres and air ambulance services, that they're delivering vital medical services at home and abroad, and that even when we're unaware of it, they're there supporting our lives and shining a light in the darkest of times.

For one user, #CharityIs "about helping all those who struggle to find their inner hero". Others uploaded pictures showing smiling faces beaming out from care homes, animal rescue shelters, youth activity groups, hospitals and community centres across the country.

"Charity is about asking the people with resources to give to or share them with those that don't."

Karl Wilding, NCVO

So what next?

We don't want this to stop here. We will be kicking off a weekly #CharityIs hour, everyThursday from 12noon-1pm. It's a chance for organisations and individuals to speak up and share how charity is changing lives for the better, reminding us all about the stories not in the news and the help that is there for those in need.

We'd like to extend our thanks to every single person who has been involved in the campaign. We knew that these stories were out there in abundance, but to see them gathered in one place has made it clear that charities really are part of our everyday lives. As our guest-blogger Vicky Browning, CEO of CharityComms wrote, "Charity is people coming together to change the world."