Chrysalis: Housing the people society ignores

Vulnerable people deserve decent homes and the support they need to rebuild their lives. Chrysalis is helping to make that a reality. The charity recently strengthened its housing provision using a loan from Charity Bank.

Social Problem

Vulnerable adults can struggle to find quality supported living accommodation. For those tackling a drug or alcohol addiction, safe housing can mean the difference between staying sober and relapsing.


Chrysalis provides specialist supported housing for up to 300 people at a time. The charity works with a range of vulnerable adults, including people with a learning disability, physical disability or mental health issues, and people working to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction.


A £666,000 loan from Charity Bank enabled the charity to refinance one of its houses and purchase an additional property. As well as giving extra security to the tenants, the move is helping Chrysalis to offset some of the risk associated with leasing its other properties, and free up vital funds.


The impact of having a decent, safe place to call home cannot be overestimated. Chrysalis also gives tenants additional support, including through group therapy sessions and one-to-one meetings. This holistic support package has resulted in a 0% relapse rate and most tenants have been able to progress to further education, volunteering or paid employment.

“Our properties are all fitted out to a high standard. We have to show people that they’re worth more than they think. On the day everyone moved in, I overheard one of the girls crying on her phone, saying that she didn’t think she’d ever deserve to live anywhere so beautiful.”

Maxine Gall, Managing Director of Chrysalis

“The house feels like a home. It is a decent size and is decorated nicely. Maintenance staff are friendly & helpful. The location is great. It’s close to local shops and bus routes.”

A tenant of Chrysalis

About Charity Bank

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