Elderpark Housing Association: more than just a home

Jul 11, 2018

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CEO of Elderpark Housing Association Gary Dalziel talks about their recent refurbishment project, which provides 31 quality flats for local people with help from a Charity Bank loan.

“Elderpark Housing Association’s purpose is to provide quality, affordable homes and excellent services which place a focus on enhancing their communities within the Greater Govan area. It was established in 1975 by a steering group of local residents responding to council plans to explore demolitions of a lot of the old tenemental buildings in the area. Now, we operate as a registered social landlord and currently manage around 1,260 properties, from tenement flats to new-build houses.

“We are community-focused and aim not only to provide social housing but also to develop and encourage a strong community life. We own and run a community centre that puts on events and activities for local residents, offer a free welfare benefits advice service for tenants, and facilitate a range of community development activities in partnership with local organisations. We also invest in the streetscape, striving to create a thriving community with excellent amenities through the regeneration of shops.

“One of our very first tenement refurbishment projects carried out in 1977 was now in need of renovation, and we began the process of securing funding for this project in 2017. Glasgow City Council provided 50% of the funding and in order to secure loan finance to cover the costs of the project. Through a finance consultant, we were put in touch with Charity Bank.

“First and foremost, we were impressed by the rates and covenants offered, which made it a simple choice to go with Charity Bank. We also found it very reassuring to know that Charity Bank has a long history of working with housing associations and had much experience and knowledge of the sector in which we operate.

“With funding secured, we were able to completely renovate the tenement block and create 31 modern, fully-equipped flats to offer greater comfort and quality living to existing and new tenants. Some of the features in the project included internal wall insulation, new fitted kitchen units, a utility room and communal wi-fi. In addition, we are always careful to consider the individual needs and situations of all our tenants and this refurbishment allowed us to provide larger living spaces to those that need it, such as families with young children or tenants with accessibility requirements.”

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