Ethical Cash ISA Case Study: Wildlife Conservationist Nathan Roberts

Jan 03, 2019

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Nathan Roberts is a wildlife conservationist working to save the endangered Amur tiger and Amur leopard in northeast China. He started saving with Charity Bank in 2015 after discussing the importance of ethical finance with friends.

“I’m a wildlife conservation graduate who says ‘no’ to the plastic carrier bag and ‘yes’ to the reusable water bottle! I set up my Charity Bank account whilst living in Scotland, where I worked in the field of nature-based education within a well-visited zoo. After discussions with friends and colleagues about the business of banking and investments, I started looking for an ethical bank.

“Interest rates weren’t that important to me. What was important was trust and the belief that my money was going to be invested in honest, progressive, altruistic causes aligned with my own values of people and planet, rather than things like oil and rainforest-clearance activities. After investigating each of the top ethical finance providers, it was clear that Charity Bank was the best choice for me.

“The diversity of projects Charity Bank supports, and the attention and care for each individual project, is encouraging, and I am grateful for opportunities to learn more about how my money is being used and distributed.

“Working on the assumption that finance can enable, prevent or disable, I think it’s important that financial resources are in the right place to do the right thing. Ethical finance gives us the choice to ‘put our money where our mouth is’, no matter how great or small that personal finance is.

“Nature in the UK is direly depleted and alarm bells are ringing all over about pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. I honestly think that an ethical bank which pays attention and shares financial resources to combat these issues is a bank worth supporting.”

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