Charity Saver Case Study: Age UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin

By Oct 02, 2018

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As a local, independent charity, Age UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin knows that not-for-profits often struggle to access funding.

So, when the charity decided to move its money to an ethical provider, Charity Bank was its first choice. Director of Finance, Gina Spencer, tells us more:

“Age UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin supports 30,000 older people every year. We help them to live independently for as long as possible, access the financial support they’re entitled to and enjoy life. We offer a range of services and activities, from lunch clubs to ballet!

“We’ve been running for 68 years and some of our investments are 20 years old. The world is a different place now, with the increase in terrorism, money laundering, the black market and so on. We’ve been reviewing our ethics over the last year and decided we don’t want our money to support the weapons industry; we want it to make a positive difference.

“I used to work for High Peak CVS in Derbyshire. Around 15 years ago it became the first CVS (community and voluntary support) in the country to take out a mortgage with Charity Bank. So I’d seen first-hand the good that Charity Bank can do. It was the obvious choice for Age UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin to move its money to.

“It’s brilliant to see local, grassroots charities and voluntary groups being assisted. Charity Bank doesn’t just offer loans to low-risk national bodies; it lends to smaller organisations that desperately need support, which often struggle to get help elsewhere.

“Not-for-profits exist to help people and the planet, whether it’s older people, younger people, the environment or animals. The whole point of their existence is to improve life, what can be more ethical than that?”

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