Ethical ISA Case Study: Fundraiser Clem McCulloch

By Oct 02, 2018

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27 year old Clem McCulloch is a Communications & Fundraising Officer for ShareAction. He invests ethically because he knows it’s one of the most powerful actions he can take to build a better world.

Clem took out an Ethical ISA with Charity Bank while he was at university. Several years later, he enjoys seeing how his savings are making a difference to causes across the UK.

“I try to make ethical choices, such as reducing my use of plastic and being mindful of what I eat. But really, how I use money and where I keep it is so much more important than how long I spend under the shower!

“My mum is a lecturer in accountancy and finance, so she taught me about sustainable finance and got me to really think about where my money goes. I opened my Charity Bank ISA while I was at university. It was actually one of the things that inspired me to look for jobs in this area. I’m now Communications & Fundraising Officer for ShareAction, a charity aiming to make investment a force for good.

“It’s important to me that my money isn’t being used for harm. I don’t want it invested in companies that treat workers poorly, for example. I also want to know that it’s doing something positive right now, not just sitting there waiting for a time when I might need it in the future. Charity Bank works with some tremendous projects; they’re often ones I would have wanted to support anyway. I particularly enjoy hearing about permaculture projects and positive local charities, such as Totnes Renewable Energy Society.

“I don’t have that much money saved yet, but ethical finance is about pooling resources. If everyone who’s worried about where their money goes decides to invest ethically, it’ll make a huge difference. Together, we can have a real influence; we can force companies to act differently. We can build the world we want to live in.”

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