ISA Case Study: Postgraduate Student Sam Hampton

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​Postgraduate student Sam Hampton is currently studying Energy and Environmental Policy at Oxford University.

His high regard for the planet, and focus on environmental sustainability, drives his personal values and means he is determined to ensure his savings are not being used to invest in fossil fuels. Charity Bank’s Ethical 33-Day Notice Cash ISA was therefore an easy first step into ethical banking.

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Sam Hampton, Charity Bank Ethical ISA Customer

“It was important for me to have my money invested in ethical causes, especially as I work in environmental sustainability. I can rest more easily knowing my investments are consistent with what I do when I spend my money from my current account. For example, at home we use green energy and I try to take the train where possible to travel; I’m not perfect by any means but I do think about purchases and the ethical impact they might have.

“A project I worked on made me much more aware of the issue of ethical investment and how easy it is for savings to be invested in unethical things by our banks without us realising.

“The rate being offered by Charity Bank on its ISA was reasonably competitive. I could have got a slightly higher rate of interest elsewhere; however, I was happy to forgo a little bit of interest to ensure my investment was in line with my personal values. I have since been really impressed with how Charity Bank has maintained its rate and not defaulted me on to a low rate like many other ISA products seem to.

“My wife Lucy and I have recently had a baby and we would like more room so are looking to move to a bigger family home. My ISA with Charity Bank will help us to fund this move by covering the stamp duty.

“As my family grows my ethical and environmental values are definitely something I want to instil in my children.”