Community Saver Case Study: Bradford Trident

By Oct 04, 2018

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Bradford Trident is based in one of the most deprived areas of West Yorkshire. It manages a range of community centres, halls and other venues – enabling community groups and local businesses to access affordable spaces for meetings and events.

CEO Carlton Smith explains why it’s crucial for Bradford Trident’s savings to be invested ethically.

“We’ve been saving with Charity Bank for about three years now. We’d built up some reserves and wanted the money to do good, rather than just sit in a bank waiting until we needed it. We searched for ethical savings accounts and Charity Bank came out on top.

“Through Charity Bank, we can help other social enterprises while we save for a rainy day. On the other side of the coin, we know that our money isn’t doing harm. It would be hypocritical to spend so much time and energy making our area a better place to live, while making other people’s lives worse.

“It’s important that we’re consistent in how we operate, both in terms of our day-to-day operations and in how we use the resources we have. We have photovoltaic panels on some of our buildings, promote sustainable energy use and greener travel, pay our staff the Living Wage and use local suppliers where we can. We’ll be mentioning Charity Bank in our next annual report, as a demonstration of our wider impact.

“The service we’ve received through Charity Bank has been first rate. It’s good to know there’s a team of people working behind the scenes to support services that enhance what we do. We need reserves in place to ensure our future, so it’s great that our money can be put to good use, even when we’re not directly using it ourselves.”

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