Ethical Savings - Savers Tell Their Story

By Sep 07, 2018

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Charity Bank savers tell us what drives their decision to save ethically which represent their values.

Sussex Lantern Group Ftm

Sussex Lantern: saving for a brighter future

Gloria Wright, Trustee for the charity Sussex Lantern, explains how opening a savings account with Charity Bank is moving them closer to their goal of a new purpose-built centre that will support those living with disabilities across the South East.


Ethical Isa Website K Duggan Thumbnail

Kate Duggan, Charity Bank Ethical Saver

For mum and self-employed copywriter Kate, ethical banking is very much an everyday part of life, being driven by the underlying principles of making a positive difference and living responsibly.


Ethical Isa Website Tim Carter Thumbnail

Reverend Tim Carter, Charity Bank Ethical Saver

Ethical banking is just one way in which Reverend Tim Carter, Vicar of All Saints Church in Wellington, seeks to live out his core principle of ‘do no harm’ which is rooted in his Christian faith.


Clem Mc Culloch Thumbnail

Clem McCulloch, Charity Bank Ethical ISA customer

He saves ethically because he knows it’s one of the most powerful actions he can take to build a better world.


Sunit Bagree Thumbnail

Sunit Bagree, Charity Bank Ethical Cash ISA saver

Sunit works in the not-for-profit sector, so he understands the difficulties faced by smaller charities and social enterprises when it comes to accessing finance.


Ethical Savings Account Thumbnail

Rebecca Fricker, ISA saver

Rebecca's religious beliefs were the driving force behind her decision to start saving with Charity Bank. Rebecca, who lives in Essex with her husband and 12-year-old son, is a freelance law librarian and a Quaker.


Ethical Savings Isa Thumbnail

Gordon Roome, Ethical ISA saver

Self-proclaimed former hippy Gordon Roome rediscovered his ‘peace and love’ roots and decided he wanted to make a positive impact on the world.


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