Financial difficulties: borrowers

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Support when your organisation is facing financial challenges

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and continue to be so even in difficult times.

Charity Bank exists to support the social sector and we pride ourselves on being approachable. If you are an existing borrower and struggling to make your repayments, please contact your Relationship Manager to discuss your circumstances.

“Faced with the effects of COVID, we turned to Charity Bank for help. We knew we were going to a trusted source and an organisation that understands our needs and the problems we were having. We felt like we were in a really safe space with people who were genuinely trying to help us, which feels very different to trying to negotiate a commercial loan. That allowed us to be open and honest, talk about the difficulties we were having and get the loan package that actually suited us."

Tom Pey, Group Chief Executive, Royal Society for Blind Children

About Charity Bank

Charity Bank is the loans and savings bank owned by and committed to supporting the social sector. Since 2002, we have used our savers’ money to make more than 1,100 loans totalling over £400m to housing, education, social care, community and other social purpose organisations.

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