Greenwich Steiner School: an alternative education

Adrian Dow, Headmaster at Greenwich Steiner School, talks about how a Charity Bank loan is enabling it to refinance an existing loan, putting the school in a stronger financial position to extend its building and eventually include education up to A-level.

“Here at the Greenwich Steiner School, we offer an alternative path to mainstream education based on the original philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and adapted to the unique needs of each child. The key principle is that of preserving childhood and keeping their natural enthusiasm for learning alive. Instead of league tables and unnecessary competition, we offer our pupils an immersive and experiential learning environment where they can truly flourish in every way.

“The school was started in 1998 by a handful of passionate parents looking for a more meaningful and rounded education for their children. It grew exponentially over the next decade and the school found its permanent base at Woodlands in 2008. This beautiful listed building is surrounded by open space and greenery, providing a peaceful and calm setting for learning.

“It does have its size constraints though and, currently, we only offer education for ages 3 to 14. Due to both high demand and our desire to allow children to complete their full education with us, we wanted to expand our middle school provisions and eventually be able to include further years right up to A-level.

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Morning activities include singing, painting and drama.

“In order to do this, the first step was to refinance an existing loan that was scheduled for repayment. We looked at several lenders but it was immediately apparent from the first visit that Charity Bank understood and would fully support the mission of our school. The regional managers who have been with us throughout the whole journey have been continuously open-minded and passionate about what we do here. Even when we came across certain obstacles, Charity Bank was there to help us and offer solutions.

“The motivation of bigger banks is often purely financial, but Charity Bank really made us feel as though we were people, rather than just another organisation or number. Not only was communication and involvement steady and supportive, the interest rates offered were affordable for us. It’s simply been a seamless process from start to finish that has made us feel very confident with the loan we’ve taken and the future evolvement of our relationship with Charity Bank.”

“Charity Bank really made us feel as though we were people, rather than just another organisation or number.”

Adrian Dow, Headmaster at Greenwich Steiner School
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