ISA Case Study: Accountant Josh, from Islington, London

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​Charity accountant, Josh who lives in Islington (London) with his wife Catherine and 3-month-old baby, is a strong believer that individuals and organisations alike should be making conscious decisions about their savings and investments.

Josh is keen to save ethically and has a number of ethical investments, including a Charity Bank 33-Day Ethical Cash ISA.

“Last year I had some spare cash and was keen that it did something useful. I already have a few ethical investments – these involve smaller amounts and are slightly riskier. A cash ISA felt like a more secure option as it is covered by the FSCS depositor protection scheme.

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Ethical Cash ISA customer Josh

“I’ve always been interested in what my investments can do, both for me as a financial return and for those who are using my money. If you have money in the bank you should be aware that it is doing something – helping businesses, paying staff, creating products. Standard ISAs compete to give best financial return, but that percentage isn’t all there is, we must weigh up the non-financial return side too.

“With Charity Bank’s Ethical ISA, I knew my investment was also doing good as well as earning me a financial return.

“I believe we should all make conscious savings and investment decisions that match our values. Acting ethically matters to me and I try to be a conscious consumer. My wife and I buy local where possible, we boycott those companies who evade tax, and we have been talking about getting milk delivered in bottles to reduce plastic waste.

“We have a responsibility to society and this includes making a conscious decision about what we want our money to be doing whilst it’s sitting in the bank.”

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