Charity Bank Ethical Cash ISA customer case studies

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Join us as we explore four Charity Bank customers' experiences searching for Cash ISA savings accounts that represent their ethical values.

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Kate Duggan, Devon

For mum and self-employed copywriter Kate, ethical banking is very much an everyday part of life, being driven by the underlying principles of making a positive difference and living responsibly.

When Kate and long-term partner Rick sold their family home and relocated to Devon four years ago with their two children they wanted to use an ISA for their savings whilst they settled into their new community.

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Josh, Islington

Charity accountant, Josh who lives in Islington (London) with his wife Catherine and 3-month-old baby, is a strong believer that individuals and organisations alike should be making conscious decisions about their savings and investments.

Josh is keen to save ethically and has a number of ethical investments, including a Charity Bank 33-Day Ethical Cash ISA.

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Martin Skelton, Greater Manchester

Secondary school teaching assistant Martin Skelton, from Stretford in Greater Manchester, has a heart for supporting charities – whether it’s volunteering with the Samaritans or buying from local charity shops.

He was therefore delighted to discover Charity Bank’s Ethical ISA, which would enable his savings to have the same positive social impact whilst supporting his plan to save for a house deposit.

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Tim Carter, Shropshire

Ethical banking is just one way in which Reverend Tim Carter, Vicar of All Saints Church in Wellington, seeks to live out his core principle of ‘do no harm’ which is rooted in his Christian faith.

Along with his wife Liz and their two teenage children, Tim’s family makes conscious decisions about how to live their daily lives and invest their money in ethical ways, from using green energy suppliers and recycling to buying organic and Fairtrade where possible.

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Sam Hampton, Oxford

Postgraduate student Sam Hampton is currently studying Energy and Environmental Policy at Oxford University.

His high regard for the planet, and focus on environmental sustainability, drives his personal values and means he is determined to ensure his savings are not being used to invest in fossil fuels. Charity Bank’s Ethical 33-Day Notice Cash ISA was therefore an easy first step into ethical banking.

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