ISA Case Study: Charity Bank Saver Rebecca Fricker

By Oct 02, 2018

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​Rebecca Fricker’s religious beliefs were the driving force behind her decision to start saving with Charity Bank. Rebecca, who lives in Essex with her husband and 12-year-old son, is a freelance law librarian and a Quaker.

She took out an ISA with Charity Bank in August 2017 and enjoys seeing how her money is helping to support small businesses and charities.

“Ethical finance is something that Quakers talk about quite a lot and we were one of the first major religions to divest from fossil fuels and other harmful enterprises. My husband and I are both treasurers for the Quakers, so we’re aware of the impact of investing positively. We have our mortgage and current accounts with the more ethical high-street banks, but we wanted to do more.

“I’d seen Charity Bank advertised in a Quaker magazine and I’d read the book ‘Small Change, Big Deal’, by a well-known Quaker, Jennifer Kavanagh, who’s set up several microcredit schemes. People assume that small businesses and charities can just go to their local bank if they need a loan, but that’s often not the case.

“I like initiatives that enable people to earn money in a sustainable way and find their own solutions to problems, rather than just having things done for them. It’s those types of organisations that are bringing about real change and I want to support them. Charity Bank helps me to do that. I’ve had my ISA with the bank for over a year now. It’s really encouraging to read about the organisations that Charity Bank supports. You can see that your money is genuinely doing something good.

“Money talks. Anything you can do on a personal level, from buying organic food to saving ethically, sends out a signal that people are concerned about the world.”

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