ISA Case Study: Ethical ISA Saver Reverend Tim Carter, Shropshire

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Ethical banking is just one way in which Reverend Tim Carter, Vicar of All Saints Church in Wellington, seeks to live out his core principle of ‘do no harm’ which is rooted in his Christian faith.

Along with his wife Liz and their two teenage children, Tim’s family makes conscious decisions about how to live their daily lives and invest their money in ethical ways, from using green energy suppliers and recycling to buying organic and Fairtrade where possible.

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Reverend Tim Carter, Charity Bank Ethical ISA customer

“We transferred our savings to a Charity Bank Ethical ISA about five years ago. Whilst this investment is our 17-year old daughter’s university fund, when it came to choosing an ISA product the interest rate was of secondary importance. We wanted to actively invest in something that was going to do some positive good. All our investments are in some way or another ethically invested – driven by the principle of ‘do no harm’ and therefore we ensure our money is not being used to do things that aren’t in line with our own values.

“At the root of my values is a practical outworking of my faith. If Christian teaching isn’t put into practice, it’s just theory. It’s got to make a difference to the way we live and that means not just maximising the benefits for ourselves.

“From Fairtrade products and ethical banking to green energy, we talk about the ethical reasons behind our purchasing habits a lot within our family and I hope these values have been picked up by our children too.”