ISA Case Study: Teaching Assistant Martin Skelton

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Secondary school teaching assistant Martin Skelton, from Stretford in Greater Manchester, has a heart for supporting charities – whether it’s volunteering with the Samaritans or buying from local charity shops.

He was therefore delighted to discover Charity Bank’s Ethical ISA, which would enable his savings to have the same positive social impact whilst supporting his plan to save for a house deposit.

“After taking voluntary redundancy from a previous job I was looking for somewhere to save and grow the money I’d received so I could later buy a house.

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Martin Skelton, Charity Bank Ethical ISA customer

“In researching ISAs I found that the rates were generally quite low so I was looking at what was offered on top of that. After reading an article on ethical savings options I was drawn to Charity Bank. It stood out as an option where I could contribute my money and know it’s doing some good in the world. My Ethical ISA with Charity Bank is important to me as part of my contribution to society, alongside the volunteering I do to support mental health charities and the Samaritans.

“My research back in 2016 also came at the time of the financial crisis and reports of the large bonuses banking staff were receiving. It really made me think about how my money was being used and I felt drawn to look beyond the high street banks. For me, finding that a bank was available that was all about supporting social impact and change was a great alternative and I was happy to put my money there.

“Having worked for, and volunteered with, a number of charities in the past, I really appreciate the personal stories behind Charity Bank’s loan customers. It makes me feel good about my choice to invest.”

About Charity Bank

Charity Bank is the loans and savings bank owned by and committed to supporting the social sector. Since 2002, we have used our savers’ money to make more than 1100 loans totalling over £400m to housing, education, social care, community and other social purpose organisations.

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