Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service (PARCS) – supporting survivors

PARCS aims to promote healthy relationships and alleviate the distress associated with rape and sexual abuse. The charity turned to Charity Bank for a loan to buy its new centre.

Social Problem

Victims of sexual abuse and rape need support to rebuild their lives and move past their trauma. However, there is a desperate lack of support services in many areas across the UK.


PARCS provides free specialist counselling and psychotherapy to children and adults in Portsmouth and South East Hampshire who have experienced any form of sexual violation at any time in their lives.


We gave the charity a loan to buy a new property to act as its central offices and service centre. PARCS’ previous residence was run down and didn’t reflect the importance of the services or provide the environment the staff and users deserved.


PARCS delivered 7334 counselling hours to adults and children in 2017, 783 young people attended outreach and prevention groups (2017-18) and 100 volunteers were provided with support and training (2017-18).

“As a small charity with no assets or previous mortgage, we were nervous about finding a lender that would take a risk on us. Luckily, Charity Bank believed in what we were trying to do and was willing to invest in this next step for our organisation.

“Without Charity Bank, we wouldn’t have been able to buy this new centre and I’m not sure what the future would have held for us.”

Kim Hosier, Centre Director of PARCS

Last reviewed: 21/04/2020