Sussex Lantern: saving for a brighter future

By Sep 14, 2018

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Gloria Wright, Trustee for the charity Sussex Lantern, explains how opening a savings account with Charity Bank is moving them closer to their goal of a new purpose-built centre that will support those living with disabilities across the South East.

Sussex Lantern is based at the foot of the South Downs in Sussex. We currently offer support and care to people with disabilities, in particular those who are blind or partially sighted. We also aim to help stimulate and develop the confidence of individuals, their families and carers through recreational activities, holidays and counselling.

“We are in the final stages of planning for a dedicated Centre of Excellence on the 20 acres of land Sussex Lantern owns near Hassocks. This will offer a wider range of rehabilitation facilities including a large hydrotherapy pool, physiotherapy pool, multi-purpose gymnasium and activity hall, in addition to the Education and Training Facilities. Realising this huge goal will enable us to provide even greater levels of support to those we care about.

“We knew the name Charity Bank from working within the charity sector, however we hadn’t realised they also offered competitive savings accounts until they approached us with some more information.

“At that time we had £85,000 sitting in a savings account with one of the main high street banks earning almost nothing in interest. The money is hard-raised income towards our new building project and with the new build so imminent we needed to keep the money somewhere we could access it quickly.

Sussex Lantern Charity

“After Steve Russell from Charity Bank had explained the benefits of its Ethical Easy Access Account I took it to the other trustees and CEO for discussion. We wanted the money to be invested somewhere that was safe but wouldn’t be tied up. We were impressed with both the interest rate offered by the Ethical Easy Access Account and the fact that we could access our money at any time. After a unilateral decision, we began the application process online and then met with Steve to finalise the account opening. It was very simple and quick to open the account and move the money across.

“The idea of our savings being invested ethically, and the ethos of lending to charities, is also very important to us. We don’t have a specific ethical investment policy because we believe that everything you do should be ethical if you are running a charity. As far as I’m concerned behaving ethically should be part of the everyday high standards Sussex Lantern pertains to.

“We are keen to start the new building so that we can provide even better support to those we work with.”

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