Time to redefine success in business - 62 UK B Corp companies doing just that

By Sep 24, 2015

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Time to redefine success in business - 62 UK B Corp companies doing just that

• 62 certified UK B Corps are leading a global movement to redefine success in business
• Charity Bank is one of the first UK businesses to join the B Corps movement and the first European bank to be certified as a B Corp

Regular companies exist for the interests of their shareholders. B Corps are companies where the interests of employees, communities and the environment rank alongside those of shareholders. Members formally commit to the B Corp community principles through signing a declaration and are required to change their legal documents so that employees, communities and the wider environment rank alongside shareholders in decision making processes.

Today (24 September) Charity Bank, a bank which uses its savers’ money to make loans solely to charities and social enterprises as a bank for good, formally celebrates becoming the first bank in Europe to become a B Corporation at the launch of the B Corp community in the UK, a global movement that is redefining success in business.The launch pays homage to the legacy of the UK in shaping and setting the pace for change in the markets over the last 200 years, starting from the Quakers and Rochdale Pioneers.

List of 62 UK founding B Corps (alphabetically)

1. Bates Wells Braithwaite LLP

32. Matter&Co

2. Be Inspired Films

33. Neighbourly

3. Benefacto

34. Numbers4Good

4. Bethnal Green Ventures

35. Odyssey Labs LTD

5. Bridges Ventures LLP

36. Ogunte

6. Carbon Analytics

37. On Purpose

7. Charity Bank

38. One Stone

8. ClearlySo Limited

39. Outcomes for Children Limited

9. ClimateCare

40. Patients Know Best

10. Cook Trading Ltd

41. Pelorus Consulting

11. Cotswold Fayre Ltd

42. Power of Youth

12. Counter Culture

43. Salt Communications UK

13. Elvis & Kresse

44. Shoremount

14. Enterprise Projects Ventures Limited

45. Six Degree People

15. EQ Investors

46. Social Stock Exchange

16. EQi Group

47. Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

17. Escape the City

48. SustainAbility

18. Fluid IT

49. Swarm Partnership

19. Folk Digital Ltd

50. The Big Issue

20. Forster Communications

51. The One Brand

21. Futerra Sustainability Communications

52. The Social Investment Consultancy

22. Generation Investment Management LLP

53. The TYF Group

23. Good Talent

54. Transformation Development Partnership LLP

24. Hootsuite

55. Transition Force Ltd

25. Ingeus UK Ltd

56. Tricordant

26. Inspiris

57. Trustees Unlimited LLP

27. ISTAG cic

58. Twelve Winds Consulting

28. Land of Ed

59. Unforgettable

29. Lily’s Kitchen

60. Volans

30. Macphie of Glenbervie Ltd

61. Volume 48

31. Maseco

62. Yoti

“As a straight-forward loans and savings bank, Charity Bank puts money to work for good. Many banks claim to be ‘different’ or ‘better’. The B Corporation certification and the rigorous standards it represents provide evidence that Charity Bank acts in a way that is true to its mission and is committed to supporting the creation of social benefit.

“We call on other UK firms to become Certified B Corporations and join with businesses across the globe that promote wider social purposes. If we build a community of Certified B Corporations in the UK, it will make it easier for all of us to tell the difference globally between ‘good’ companies and ‘good’ marketing.”

Patrick Crawford, Chief Executive of Charity Bank, an early adopter of B Corp having joined in January 2015

The B Corp movement has gathered phenomenal momentum in the UK as investors, commissioners, employers and consumers all recognise that companies which create positive social and environmental impact, and which treat their workers with respect and operate with good governance, are the best of businesses. This is the future of UK business: to contribute positively to people planet and to profit.

“The B Corp movement is a global community of businesses who are using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. It includes more than 1,400 businesses in 42 countries and over 120 industries. The UK is well placed to help lead this global movement and companies such as Charity Bank are a great example of a business taking leadership in their field.”

James Perry, Director, B Lab UK

Any business interested in people, profit and planet should consider becoming a B Corp. To find out more, visit: www.bcorporation.uk.