Tim Morfin, TLG - The Education Charity - Change Maker Nominee

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Our Change Maker award recognises people who are the driving force behind an organisation with great impact.

Tim combines inspiring vision, strategy and innovation with a phenomenal drive and passion which radically transforms the lives of the hundreds of young people that TLG helps every year.”

Sian Wrangles, TLG Fundraising & Development Director


Whilst studying at University, Tim set up a youth club with other volunteers from his church to connect with and support kids from their inner-city area of Bradford. It quickly became apparent that a number of the adolescents were having issues at school and one boy in particular, Lewis, opened Tim’s eyes to the numbers at risk of exclusion.

Stepping in to help Lewis and seeing how receptive both the school and the family were to assistance, Tim realised that there was a desperate need for an organisation to play a role in keeping kids in school and TLG was formed in 1998.


Over the past 20 years, TLG has grown in size and impact and it is Tim’s ambitious vision, entrepreneurial flair and strong leadership that have guided this. The charity has increased from one full-time staff member to 85 nationwide with a purpose-built office space that also acts as a sustainable source of income for the charity through rentals.

It now operates 13 Education Centres across the UK, which work towards the reintegration of adolescents at risk of exclusion and has over 100 Early Intervention programmes which work with younger children to identify and prevent this issue at an early stage. These are all run in partnership with local churches.


The outcomes overwhelmingly show the importance and effectiveness of Tim’s work. Impact research being conducted in partnership with the University of York confirms that over 80% of children show significant improvement in behaviour, wellbeing and school performance after TLG’s intervention.

TLG has helped change the lives of over 10,000 young people to date. People just like Lewis, who inspired the creation of the charity and who has gone on to maintain a successful career in landscape maintenance and now volunteers for TLG, helping to support young people to stay in education just as TLG supported him.


The scale at which TLG is operating presents many exciting opportunities for the future. After Tim spoke at a social enterprise conference in Portugal, the first international Early Intervention programme was set up in Lisbon in 2014 and there is scope for replicating the model in more countries in the future.

Across the UK alone, the everyday support offered to struggling children and their families continues to rapidly increase. The Make Lunch initiative, which ensures meals for children outside of school term times, is also due to be integrated into the TLG family of services.

TLG has been supported by a number of loans from Charity Bank over the past 15 years to help TLG grow and improve the lives of more young people.

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