Transforming Lives for Good: Making The Difference

Transforming Lives for Good operate 11 education centres that give young people a second chance for an education, and 39 early intervention centres across the UK that provide extra support to children at school at a crucial period of their personal development

Social Problem

From school exclusion to low emotional wellbeing and holiday hunger, the struggles vulnerable children face can have long-lasting consequences, including limiting their achievements and keeping them trapped in the cycle of poverty.

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Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) has 20 years’ experience of helping to bring hope and a brighter future to children who are struggling. TLG Education Centres offer a lifeline to young people excluded from school. Other services include Early Intervention, which offers one-to-one coaching in mainstream schools. Make Lunch fills the holiday hunger gap for hundreds of children in need.


TLG has used seven Charity Bank loans over 19 years to generate income and support its growth from humble beginnings to one of the UK’s fastest growing children’s charities. It now helps 5,000 young people each year across the UK. The original loan was used to purchase a light industrial unit, which the charity converted into training and recreational facilities to expand its work with young people. Subsequent loans enabled the charity to build its first Centre of Excellence and, most recently, to buy additional office space.


In the 19 years we have been working with TLG, over 10,000 children and young people have been supported. TLG’s latest outcome report found that 92% of children felt more confident as a result of the Early Intervention programme and 94% of young people who progressed to school, further education, training or employment, are still progressing 12 months later.

“The journey that Charity Bank has walked with TLG is astounding. With Charity Bank’s support we turned our local youth centre into a national education charity.”

Tim Morfin, Chief Executive of TLG

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