Young Women’s Housing Project: A secure future providing safety and support

Jo Meagher, Project Manager at YWHP, tells us how a loan from Charity Bank assisted with the purchase of its key property, granting the charity a more stable future.

“The Young Women’s Housing Project has been functioning as an independent charity since 1988. It started life as an offshoot of the Sheffield Rape Crisis Service after they noted an increase in referrals where the initial need was safe and secure housing. The Local Council provided funding to run a two-bed flat that could act as accommodation for this primary purpose and the Young Women’s Housing Project was born.

“Today, we can offer accommodation to 13 young women between the ages of 16 and 25, some of whom have children with them. These women have been the victim of sexual abuse or exploitation and many have found themselves forced to live independently at a much younger age than they would have chosen to. We not only give them somewhere safe to live where they can begin to heal and rebuild their lives, we also offer a range of therapeutic support services to aid with this.

“We had been renting our main house, which also acts as our office base, from the local authority and wanted the opportunity to purchase it so that we would have more long-term security. We didn’t want to get a loan from a mainstream high street bank as it was important to us to use a provider who would really understand how charities function. We considered several lenders and Charity Bank was the best fit with our organisation and how we operate.

“Charity Bank was so approachable and offered a personalised service every step of the way. Purchasing the property was always going to be quite a complicated, lengthy process with many different parties involved and so it was helpful to have dedicated people at Charity Bank who understood our situation, were patient with us and offered us lots of support. They were always available at the end of the phone and were so kind and helpful, even when we came up against hurdles along the way. We would definitely use Charity Bank again.”

“… it was helpful to have dedicated people at Charity Bank who understood our situation, were patient with us and offered us lots of support.”

​Jo Meagher, Project Manager at the YWHP
Left To Right Jo Meagher Jeremy Ince Denise Whitehouse Theresa Wilding

Left to Right Jo Meagher, Jeremy Ince, Denise Whitehouse and Theresa Wilding.

“I feel safe and secure here, which means I can concentrate on living and not being scared.”

YWHP Client, Sheffield

“I was shy and withdrawn when I moved in. I am now very confident, can do most things by myself, like appointments, education, and problem solving and keeping myself safe.”

YWHP Client, Sheffield