Adrenaline Alley: a world-class urban sports centre

Adrenaline Alley was set up to provide local kids with a safe place to skate and is now Europe’s largest urban sports centre attracting enthusiasts and professionals from across the world.

The charitable enterprise received a loan from Charity Bank to enable it to buy its 5.9-acre site. Founder and Development Director Mandy Young explains how this purchase has allowed them to continue to expand and develop, securing their future as a leader in urban sports.

Adrenaline Alley Skate Park

Service user at Adrenaline Alley © Lucy Hunter

“The idea for Adrenaline Alley came about in 2002 after my son John was attacked in the street at the age of 14 for carrying a skateboard. Following this, we spent two years talking to people in the community and researching the industry with the aim of providing a safe and secure facility for young people to skate, skateboard, BMX and scoot. We started as an outdoor park, which was great but not very sustainable and our real development began when we moved to our current location on Priors Haw Road, Corby in 2006.

“It quickly became obvious that there was a need for a facility like ours not just for local people but nationally. We expanded quite organically in response to a growing membership and by 2012 we had taken over all three buildings to create a multi-complex with over 120,000 sq ft of ramps.

“As the charity grows, so does the number of children and young adults we cater for. We’re continually working with them to provide additional activities such as our training club, filming and art projects, volunteering and part-time work. Young people attending the facility are not just given a safe space to ride but can also build confidence and fulfil their potential.

“In 2015, we were in a position to purchase the site. I knew of Charity Bank as I’d met Peter Hughes, who is now our account manager, four years previously and he’d maintained an interest in us and how we were progressing. We looked at a number of lenders but Charity Bank offered us the best deal and we were happy to continue building this relationship.

“Without the Charity Bank loan, we would not have been able to grow and develop in the same way. Owning the site has given us the freedom to quickly adapt to trends, which is vital within the urban sports industry. We’ve also been able to make some significant improvements, such as building a two-storey café, diversifying our revenue income and ensuring sustainability.”

“Making a difference is at the heart of what we do. It’s a great comfort to know we can use investment from a social lender like Charity Bank, who is in turn adding value to society and making further social impact. I would encourage anyone who is looking to save or borrow money to look at doing so with a social lender. It’s fantastic that people have the option to save money with a bank that invests back into community organisations and charities to help them fulfil their potential.”

Urban Sports Centre

Adrenaline Alley skate park © Lucy Hunter

Last reviewed: 28/04/2020