Burton Street Foundation – bringing the community together

Helen Bark of Burton Street Foundation on times when additional funding is required so that social enterprises can deliver greater impact.

Social Problem

With the closure of so many community centres, services and facilities, many areas lack a central hub where members of the community can socialise, learn and take part in different activities.


Burton Street Foundation brings communities together from across Sheffield and beyond, by offering services and spaces for a range of activities, conferences and events.


Charity Bank’s initial loan helped Burton Street Foundation overhaul its spaces and facilities. Charity Bank later offered a second loan to consolidate the organisation’s finances, allowing it to save a significant amount in annual repayments. Both loans ultimately helped Burton Street Foundation to increase its sustainability and impact.


Burton Street Foundation now welcomes around 2,500 people each week. 250 people benefit from its disability services. Fourteen local businesses are based in its offices, and around 35 charities and community groups use its facilities each week. It has also become a significant local employer, with over 150 people working for it.

“We are a sustainable social enterprise, but there are times when additional funding is required so that we can be the best we can be.”

“People who care about where their money is going and choose to save with a social lender like Charity Bank are directly helping social enterprises like ours to evolve and do more good.”

Helen Bark, Finance & Administration
Community Facilities Burton Street

Last reviewed: 28/04/2020