Foresight North East Lincolnshire: improving the lives of disabled people

Paul Silvester of Foresight North East Lincolnshire on how social investment has been the catalyst for the growth of the charity.

Social Problem

People living with disabilities often struggle to access the support they need and can feel excluded from social activities and wellbeing services, which can lead to poor health, loneliness and social exclusion.


Foresight was founded in 1999 to assist blind and partially-sighted people. It quickly grew to respond to the complex and varied needs of all disabled people across North East Lincolnshire. Foresight now provide a wide range of services, from day care facilities and supported living accommodation to tailored support for older people and children.


The charity has received four loans from Charity Bank over the past eight years. Each loan has allowed the centre to strengthen its position, offer further services and support more people.


With the help of its first Charity Bank loan, the charity purchased a building adjacent to its main centre to create a cafe and community centre space, which now welcomes more than 12,000 people each year. Each week, more than 450 people are given vital assistance by Foresight and given the opportunity to engage with social activities and enrich their lives.

“Social investment has been the catalyst for growth of our charity. If we hadn’t had access to that, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

“Without the Charity Bank loans we’ve received and the people who save with them, the lives of disabled people in our community would be significantly poorer.”

Paul Silvester, Chief Executive of Foresight North East Lincolnshire
Disabled People Community Foresight

Foresight North East Lincolnshire © Lucy Hunter

Last reviewed: 28/04/2020