Hudswell Community Charity: Affordable homes for local people

Hudswell Community Charity was set up over 150 years ago to help disadvantaged people in the area. A Charity Bank loan supported the building of three new affordable homes to provide people with local connections the chance to live in the village.

Social Problem

Rising property prices and a lack of affordable rural housing, means many people are forced to leave their village or town. This not only impacts on families but also has a social and economic impact on the wider community.


Hudswell Community Charity was set up to help disadvantaged people in the area. At the time the organisation approached Charity Bank it owned and managed three houses, which were endowed to it over 70 years ago.


In 2014 the board decided to carry out a housing survey in the village and it became clear that there was demand for more affordable homes. The plan to build two new three-bedroom houses and one two-bedroom house was drawn up. The charity already owned the land and Charity Bank provided the additional funding to build the new properties.


These new houses are now complete and offer more people with local connections the opportunity to remain in, or move back to, the village. There are also wider benefits as local businesses and services have more people to use them, helping them to stay open.

“It was encouraging to be in contact with the same Regional Manager, Jeremy Ince, from the outset. It isn’t often with banks that you know exactly who you’ll be dealing with and that they are involved with every aspect of the process. We were happy that Charity Bank believed in our project and agreed to a loan to help make it possible.

“Charity Bank is just as thorough as any bank. The difference is that Charity Bank is extremely supportive throughout the entire process and you get a personalised service. There was never any point where we didn’t understand what was needed or expected from us or where we felt as though we were on our own.”

Martin Booth, Secretary of Hudswell Community Charity

The team break ground on the new housing development.

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The new development is due for completion in October 2017.

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