St. Anne’s Hostel: Keeping people and their pets together

St. Anne’s is one of the few homeless hostels that are dog friendly. The charity is now starting an ambitious project to provide long-term homes for formerly homeless people and their canine companions.

Social Problem

Most animal lovers would struggle to give up their pets, particularly when that pet is their only close companion. So, what happens when you can’t find a place to rent that will take a dog? In many cases, people have to choose between a safe place to live and their canine companion. Ultimately, some people choose to sleep on the streets rather than part with their much-loved pet.


St. Anne’s is part of the 9% of dog-friendly hostels that cater for homeless men and their pets.[1] Residents are allowed to keep their dogs with them in their rooms, and food is provided for both people and pets. Along with the main hostel, St. Anne’s has 18 self-contained apartments in its adjacent property – Park View. When residents are able to move on from St. Anne’s, the charity helps them to find a landlord willing to accept a dog, and will even provide a bond to cover the cost of any damage caused by the pet.


St. Anne’s used a Charity Bank loan to purchase the land accompanying their Park View property. The land will be used to build up to 28 general needs flats, providing forever homes for homeless people. St. Anne’s goal is to eventually become self-sufficient – using the income from its properties to fund all of its services, thereby reducing reliance on grants and securing its future.


No one should have to choose between a safe place to sleep and their only companion. St. Anne’s is helping to break the cycle of homelessness, giving people the chance of a long-term home to share with their pet. The charity also helps people to tackle other challenges they may face, offering them support and advice, and signposting them to a range of services.

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“We didn’t want to go to a high street bank for the loan because they’re just not as ethical as Charity Bank and other social lenders. Lisa from Charity Bank’s lending team was absolutely amazing. I’d send her an email and within seconds, get a response. She explained what we needed to do and when.”

Bob Candlin, Project Manager at St. Anne’s Hostel

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