Wat Buddharam Leeds: one of the UK’s newest Buddhist temples

Wat Buddharam Leeds has been welcoming Thai Buddhists since 2014. Read more…

Social Problem

There are 30-40,000 Thai people living in the UK[1], most of whom are Buddhists. While it’s common to pray and meditate at home, it can be difficult to find a place to worship as a community.


Founded in 2014, Wat Buddharam Leeds is one of the newest Thai Buddhist temples in the UK. It’s home to several monks all year around, and thousands of people visit the temple each year to take part in celebrations, religious services and other events.


The temple is a striking former hotel built in the Victorian era. It boasts many grand architectural features but by 2020 was in need of urgent repairs, including extensive work to make the roof watertight. There wasn’t enough time to fundraise, so Wat Buddharam Leeds turned to Charity Bank for a £400,000 loan.


The loan enabled Wat Buddharam Leeds to carry out essential renovation work to the roof, windows and decorative stonework. Now the project is complete, the temple can be put to good use again, bringing people together to worship, learn and celebrate.

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“Charity Bank has experience with religious organisations, so it has an extra level of understanding that you wouldn't get with a normal high street bank.”

Edward Batty, Project Manager for Wat Buddharam Leeds

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