Age UK Herne Bay: Helping older people stay independent

Age UK Herne Bay & Whitstable gives older people the chance to socialise, try new activities and receive practical support. Its day centre was recently extended with the help of a Charity Bank loan.

Social Problem

Most older people want to stay in their own homes, but they can’t always access the support they need. Family members often step up to fill the gap left by professional services. These carers can end up exhausted, often providing round-the-clock care with little assistance.


Age UK Herne Bay & Whitstable offers practical support to help people stay in their own homes for longer. Whether people need hot meals, someone to clean the house and do the laundry, or just some companionship, the charity is there to help. Its day services also give carers a much-needed break.


Two Charity Bank loans have enabled Age UK Herne Bay & Whitstable to renovate and extend its day centre. The centre, which is usually open seven days a week, gives older people the chance to socialise, try new activities, exercise and receive practical support. It also means that carers have time for themselves, secure in the knowledge that their loved ones are happy and safe.


Thanks to Age UK Herne Bay & Whitstable, more people are able to live independently or with their families. The day centre’s new extension hasn’t just enriched the lives of clients and their families. The first floor is let out to four other charitable organisations, which brings in extra rental income for Age UK Herne Bay & Whitstable.

“We had a lot of handholding from Charity Bank. The staff are very personable and you’re mainly dealing with one or two people, so you get to know them. The level of professionalism and rigour of the process gives you confidence. We’re a small charity, but we could see that Charity Bank wasn’t going to lend us money unless they were satisfied that we could afford the repayments. I would definitely recommend Charity Bank.”

Sue Cliffe, CEO of Age UK Herne Bay & Whitstable

“Mum very much enjoyed the parties and the painting course. It’s a lifeline even more so now as Mum has greatly deteriorated. I will be looking to use the facilities far more –the dementia day care centre in particular. Without Age UK, we would be really struggling. Thank you to everyone for their support.”

A family member
New ex 2

Photograph of the new extension

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