Charity Bank launches Green Loan offers in response to climate crisis and in support of its updated Vision Statement

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Charity Bank, the loans and savings bank for charities and social enterprises, today published its revised vision statement with an increased emphasis on responding to climate change.

The bank’s refreshed vision statement is for ‘a society that fosters vibrant communities and a healthy planet, enabling every individual to thrive.’

In support of their updated vision, Charity Bank also launched two green loan offers rewarding charities and social enterprises for using loan finance to buy or build an energy-efficient building or to improve the energy efficiency of their existing property.

Charity Bank’s CEO Ed Siegel said: “Charity Bank was built on the belief that positive impact should be at the heart of everyday banking. For 20 years we have supported charities and social enterprises that care for people as well as the planet. Given the evolving needs of the social sector and the people and communities they serve, now is the time to ask what more we can do?”

“During 2021, we undertook a review of Charity Bank’s vision, mission and values statements in consultation with a range of stakeholders, including shareholders, board directors, our co-workers and our customers. These refreshed declarations serve to sharpen our focus on positive social change as Charity Bank’s primary motivation. The addition of ‘healthy planet’ to our vision statement is worthy of note. Climate change is possibly the greatest social challenge facing our society today; therefore, a healthy planet merits explicit mention as one of our core aspirations.”

This follows Charity Bank’s commitment last year to assessing and disclosing the greenhouse gas emissions of their financed projects by joining The Partnership for Carbon Accounting financials (PCAF) and, earlier this year, joining Investors in the Environment (iiE) with a commitment to assess, disclose, and reduce their direct environmental impact.

For the full details and terms of Charity Bank’s Green Loan offers please visit or download our Green Loan Offers Flyer.

Charity Bank’s New Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values


A better bank for a better world


A society that fosters vibrant communities and a healthy planet, enabling every individual to thrive


To support and strengthen impact-driven organisations that improve people’s lives, whilst empowering savers and investors to put their money to work for positive social change


Mutual Respect

Working in Harmony

Being the Change

About Charity Bank

Charity Bank is the loans and savings bank owned by and committed to supporting the social sector. Since 2002, we have used our savers’ money to make more than 1,100 loans totalling over £400m to housing, education, social care, community and other social purpose organisations.

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