Glover’s Trust: helping older people keep their independence

Glover’s Trust offers sheltered accommodation for over-60s. The trust has recently extended and renovated all of its properties with the help of a Charity Bank loan.

Social Problem

Older people who need extra support are often faced with a difficult choice – give up their independence and savings to move into a care home, or stay in their own home (sometimes not seeing anyone else for days on end) and risk their safety.


Glover’s Trust offers sheltered accommodation and a close-knit community for people aged 60 and over. The development of single-story cottages is close to amenities and public transport. Residents keep their independence, but have the security of an emergency alarm system in their homes, and an onsite manager. They can also enjoy green open spaces, weekly coffee mornings and a residents’ lounge.


The cottages were built in 1932 and desperately in need of updating. With the help of a £1.53 million Charity Bank loan and a grant from Homes England, Glover’s Trust was able to extend and renovate each of the 31 cottages, and build two new homes.


Glover’s Trust residents now enjoy roomier living spaces, double glazing and improved electrics. They have the peace of mind that comes from knowing help is available if they need it and the independence of living in their own home. And at Glover’s Trust, there’s always someone to talk to, whether residents are enjoying a fish and chip lunch in the communal lounge or catching up over a coffee at the weekly get-together.

“We were able to raise some money for the renovation through donations and a grant, but nowhere near enough to cover the full cost of the project. Without the loan from Charity Bank, we wouldn’t have been able to refurbish the cottages and may well have ended up losing the estate altogether. The joy of Charity Bank is that the team really understands trusts and the charity sector. If I called up our Regional Manager with a problem, you can bet he would have come across it a hundred times before. It meant the loan process went really smoothly and there were no hiccups at all.”

David Skellum, Treasurer, Glover’s Trust

“I was made very welcome from the start and have always found it a friendly place, where I can get on with everyone. I’m now looking forward to the next chapter of living here, in my lovely new and refurbished home.”

Hazel – a Glover’s Trust resident

“Glover’s is a very unique and lovely place to live. My home is beautiful, warm and comfortable and since living here I have made many friends. I feel safe and reassured by the support that the Trust gives me and part of something really special.”

Pat – a Glover’s Trust resident

“Glover’s Trust is a beautiful and peaceful haven and the latest alterations have made it even more special. I feel very lucky to be part of this little community.”

Geraldine - a Glover’s Trust resident

Last reviewed: 22/04/2020